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Children's Work

Caryl Hart

Year 5 made another trip to the library to meet the wonderful children’s author, Caryl Hart. Caryl talked to the children about her journey to becoming a writer and also read extracts from some of her books including the Princess Eliza series and The Invincibles series.
You can see more of Caryl’s work at www.carylhart.com

Chris Connaughton

Chris worked with our class on Friday, June 9th. He read us parts from his new book and we asked him a lot of different questions about him and the books he has written and is writing at the moment. We then did some drama work with him in the hall, based on a book we had all been reading in Guided Reading sessions. We loved making the characters come alive. Thank you Chris.


As part of our history topic we learned about Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius. We linked our topic into our geography work and learned how volcanoes are formed. Then in our art work we designed and built our own volcanoes using bottles and papier mache. We then launched our own science investigation to make out volcanoes erupt using Mentos and Fizzy Drinks.

Insect House

The Y4/5 children have been learning about habitats in their science topic. They did a mini-beast hunt around school, taking note of the conditions that the bugs lived in. After their research, using bamboo and natural materials, they designed and created their own insect homes which they could take home and proudly display in their gardens.


On Thursday 5th January a trainer from Destination Judo visited our school to give us a taster course. We played a lot of mini games first and then went on to learn 2 throws, and how to perform them safely. We had a lot of fun and it was especially funny when Riley got to throw the trainer over his shoulder!

Library Visit

In Year 4/5 we visited our local library to find out how we can make the best use of the resources available there. We were given a challenge to find out in what sections certain books could be found. We learned about the different sections in the library and how to use it for research. We also learned about the resources available such as: books, computers, work spaces, DVDs and audiotapes.

Making Teeth

Y5 children created a model of the human mouth to learn about the different type of teeth and their functions.

Respecting Rights

Children in Y4/5 discussed the Rights Respecting School campaign in their PHSE lesson, looking at all the articles involved. Each article covers a different right that all children should have. Working in groups, the children discussed the articles and decided which ones were the most important for every child to reach their full potential.

Skills Force

Throughout this whole term the Year 5 children have been working with members of staff from SkillForce. SkillForce is a national education charity whose mission is to empower children to make positive choices, build confidence, resilience and good character. The training comes from skilled and experience ex-Services personnel. The children have loved the work they have done (and will continue to do) and we believe it has been hugely beneficial for them.


When the children were not playing in a tennis match at Tennis World, the children were given the opportunity to recap their CPR skills with a member from the St John Ambulance charity. They were glad they got a chance to revise what they had been taught last year. Well done everyone!


On June21st, 2017, the Year 4 tennis team attended a Tees Valley competition at Tennis World. Each child played 6 games each. The tournament lasted all day. Everyone had a great time.

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