Welcome to Year 1 and Year R/1

Lola's Visit

'Sometimes real superheroes live in the hearts of small children, fighting big battles.'

Lola is our very brave Chaloner star, fighting her own battle, who will never be alone on her journey. This photograph shows Lola telling her Year 1 class about the Beads of Courage programme. The programme helps more than 60,000 children worldwide record, tell and own their stories, using colourful beads as meaningful symbols of courage and hope along their treatment journey.

Arctic Expedition

Y1 and YR1 have been learning about the explorer Captain Scott, who was famous for his expeditions to the Antarctic. The children discussed what would be needed to travel to these cold places during the winter season. Fully equipped for the cold conditions, they then set off on their own imaginary Antarctic expedition around the playground setting up camp as they went.

Balance Bikes

We enjoyed learning how to ride the balance bikes. We also learnt the names of the different bike parts such as handle bars and saddle.


The chicks were fascinating to watch. The first chick hatched after 1 day. By the end of the first week all the eggs had hatched. We held them and stroked them as well as feeding them and looking after them. The chicks have gone to live at the allotments now.


Y1 and YR1 have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot. They also had a talk about safety around fireworks. They took inspiration from this in their artwork, using straws and paint to create their own firework pictures.

Healthy Eating

Y1 and YR1 have been learning about healthy eating in Science. Here they are designing (and eating!) some healthy meals of their own.


This term we have covered a variety of topics in maths including: shape, height, repeating patterns and ordering numbers.

Rights Respecting

As part of Rights Respecting School, the Year Y1 and YR1’s made their own paper plate ‘Earths’ and chose their most important article to decorate their Earth with.


Every Thursday throughout this term the children have been attending a Yogabugs session. This has taught them skills in relaxation, storytelling through actions and balance. This then helped them in their P.E sessions where the topic was ‘Balance’.


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