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  • Prefects
    Our Year 5 and 6 pupils are all offered the opportunity to be a prefect for half a term. To become a prefect, a pupil should demonstrate that they:
     have a kind and caring nature;
     show exemplary behaviour;
     can set an example for our whole school;
     always work hard to be the best that they can be;
     treat everyone and everything with respect;
     can be helpful and reliable.
    At the beginning of every half-term, children are asked if they would like to be a prefect (this involves giving up playtimes to do their duties so it is a tricky decision but we are always impressed by the numbers of children who volunteer).
    Children then vote in their classes for the four children who they think would make good prefects.
    Children are presented with blue jumpers in assembly, which they wear to show everyone that they have been selected for this special role. The blue jumper is instantly recognisable to younger children who might need help and also to visitors and special guests.
    We believe that giving children the opportunity to take on extra roles and responsibilities helps to prepare them for later life and also helps them to become a valued, respected member of the school. We are proud of the way in which our children fulfil the role and visitors to the school frequently comment on how well-mannered and polite they are.


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