The Golden Nugget Bike Ride

Chaloner welcomes the Golden Nugget Bike Ride!

On Friday 27th May, the Golden Nugget Bike Ride was met with a chorus of applause and noise by all of the children and staff at Chaloner. The Bike Ride, organised by Pam Dodds and Ailsa Bell, consisted of children and members of staff from all primary schools in the Guisborough Area, including helpers from Laurence Jackson School. The ride was organised to raise awareness of the Klondike Bike Ride which was to take place in and around Guisborough the following Sunday, 29th May.

The ride commenced from Lockwood Primary in Boosbeck, then continued to pick up more riders from each primary school in Guisborough. Children chosen to represent Chaloner were Mason Duffy and Stacey Williams, both in Year 6. They were accompanied by our very own deputy head, Mrs Daley, who said, "It was one of the most memorable experiences ever!"


As the Golden Nugget riders entered Chaloner Primary they were met with, music, cheers, applause and instruments. The playground was decorated with the yellow and green colours of the Klondike, with bunting, flags and banners being waved by the children. The weary riders showed off a few victory laps of the playground and shared a school photo with us, before going on their way to complete the ride where they had begun, a total of an exhausting 14 miles!

A huge well done to our riders...and Mrs Daley, for their impeccable behaviour during the ride and representing Chaloner perfectly, whilst completing the gruelling challenge successfully. A big well done to all our children for the brilliant support they showed the riders; from the bike pictures made in Nursery and Reception to the whole school effort making decorations and flags.


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